No one is doing creativity quite like Halsey.

Over the course of the pandemic, many creatives spent their time creating. People were stuck at home, and with the craziness of the world around them, they needed an escape. Fortunately for fans, there was not a shortage of music releases no matter what genre you listen to: there’s been Nine Inch Nails, Phoebe Bridgers, Taylor Swift, Alanis Morrisette, and plenty of other bands/artists releasing content.

Music is a perfect example of multiple forms of creative expression intertwining with each other. …


Let animals stay in the wild where they are meant to be

Animals are adorable-even the ones that live in the wild. With all the media content featuring people holding koalas or petting a tiger, some may assume these species would make a great and unique pet. While I highly recommend learning all you can about your favorite animal, you should not purchase an exotic pet to keep in your home. Although adorable, wild animals can also be aggressive and unpredictable. This is not ideal for a pet that you have to claim responsibility for.

It may be obvious that you cannot bring a giraffe to your yard, but even the smaller…


Before adopting a pet, make your home safe for them to live in

Before adopting a pet, you will need to pet-proof your home. Although they may be shy at first, pets are curious creatures — if they can get their paws on something, they will.

Upon entering your home for the first time, a pet will not be aware of what behavior is expected from them, and they will be intrigued by their new environment. Leaving hazards around your house can be harmful (and even fatal) to your pet and can damage your home/belongings as well. …

Coding bootcamps are growing in popularity, but when I decided to switch to a tech career, I returned to school for an Associate of Science.

With the advancements in technology and the increase in demand for tech jobs, many people are switching careers to become software developers. Computer science is a growing field that is known to pay well, but it does require programming knowledge to land your first job. There are many ways to do this-some people opt to learn code themselves, some attend bootcamps, and some earn degrees. When I decided to get into the tech industry, I opted for an associate degree.

Why did I want to switch careers in the first place?

I didn’t start college settled on one major; I enjoyed many fields, and I had no idea what I wanted…

When you consider adopting a dog, you likely envision a playful and energized dog-but what happens when they get older?

The life span of a dog varies-some live longer lives than others, and if they live longer, they will likely experience issues due to their age. As you can expect, your dog will likely require more care as he/she grows older. Their habits and interests will change as they age, but they’re still the same dog you’ve grown to love.

My childhood dog, Max, lived to the great age of eighteen. During the last few years of his life, we had to adjust his routine and spend more time (and money) taking care of him. My family and I were…

Cats may be less responsibility than larger dogs-but they do still require your time and money to take care of.

When compared to dogs, cats are typically viewed as the low maintenance pet option. Cats are smaller, more independent, and if indoor, do not need to be taken outside for walks and restroom breaks. As they are usually smaller than dogs, cats also cost less as they do not need to eat as much and may not need as extensive care (although unexpected costs can also come up). Cats are generally quieter than dogs, and they keep themselves clean. Despite this, adopting a cat is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly; while their care varies from dogs, they…

Is it important to identify your dream career, or should you seek your dream life instead?

I grew up being told to “follow my dreams”. The American Dream was emphasized in classes and literature, and with all the Disney movies I loved as a kid, it’s no surprise that I wanted to follow my dreams to work hard and get the life I wanted. When it finally came time for me to identify my dreams, however, I was stumped. How was I to decide upon a dream career when I knew nothing about them?

In high school, I was primarily assigned courses that I was required to take. I didn’t get to explore career paths much…

Moving in with your significant other is a major step that requires consideration. Be aware of the signs that tell you it’s a bad idea.

After graduating from college, my boyfriend at the time wanted to get an apartment together. I was hesitant: a friend of mine had also asked to be roommates, and I wanted to focus on finding a post-grad job. He continued to ask about it, even saying things like “you always choose your friends over me”, which made me feel selfish for even considering my options. Alas, I decided to go for it, and I moved in with him.

As you have likely guessed, this did not end up well. We had plenty of fights and near-breakups, but since we had…

What if you viewed the unexpected as a new opportunity instead of an obstacle?

Imagine you are the main character in a fantasy novel who is on a grand quest (to rescue a kingdom, to find long-lost treasure-the end goal is up to you). You’ve been traveling for days and days when suddenly, a large wall scaling miles and miles appears, blocking your path. There was no record of this mysterious wall on the maps you had scrutinized so carefully beforehand, and you did not anticipate this obstacle on your journey. Are you going to simply call off your quest and turn back around?

Probably not. That wouldn’t make for an interesting story, after…

Bringing your new dog home for the first time can be intimidating-how do you know if you’re prepared? Will your dog be able to adjust to your lifestyle…will you? Many questions will cross your mind, but as long as you’ve done your research and made the proper preparations, there’s a good chance that your dog will love his/her new home.

Many factors can affect how long it takes for your dog to adapt, including their personalities and previous life experiences. Sometimes it can take months, sometimes it only takes a few weeks. …

Melissa Rose

Passionate about pets, nature, creativity, and writing.

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